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Infinite Athletic was born in 2021, we will surely all remember this year for a long time. For us, it was also the year we went to a sports store looking for a shirt to play tennis, which was made with recycled material but, unfortunately, we found nothing. However, in that same shop they were stringing a tennis racket and throwing away the old strings.

After talking to many other tennis specialty shops and clubs, the idea took shape. For the last 50 years, all the racket strings were being thrown away creating a single-use waste that ended up in incineration plants ending-up polluting our planet.

With the conviction that there are other ways of doing things, we decided to create a circular sport brand for the world of tennis. We were not only the first in the world to recover this material that was discarded without giving it a second life, but we also design all our garments with circular eco-design so we could create new garments infinitely, without extracting any new natural ressources.

Another thing we could not ignore was how we would do it. We are supporting the entire local industry to make our productions, we use manufacturers with long tradition in the textile industry that share our same values. The recollection of the raw material is done with electric vehicles and carried out by people at risk of social exclusion. In addition, part of our profits will be allocated to NGOs with the clear objective of helping the planet and the most disadvantaged.

We have reached a point of no return. We must act and change the way we do things. This is our aolurion to leave a better future.

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Our mission

Endlessly reuse existing raw materials without having to extract new natural resources from the planet


We produce locally to minimize our carbon footprint.

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